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Why Use IntelliTeam's Search Engine Optimization Services?

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  • Business Stability since 1997
  • Industry Experience
  • Honest & Realistic Business Practices
  • Customer Retention & Loyalty
  • SEO/SEM is what we do
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  • SEO...Where Do I Start???

    Search Engine Marketing is not about technology, it's about marketing.
    Search Engine Optimization is an on going process, not a one-time project.
    Search Engine Optimization is ongoing and interactive.
    Hiring IntelliTeam is like having your own Search Engine Optimization staff.

    Perhaps you desire a superior level of service. This is the most common reason we hear.

    When you call us you speak to the actual people who will be servicing you and your business. There are no traffic jams in the extra mile. And that's exactly where we go for all of our clients.

    Search Engine Optimization is hard work! In order to excell at it, you have to love it. That is right where we are. We've assembled a team of professionals who "catch the vision" of our clients and use their collective skills to make each Search Engine Optimization marketing campaign successful.

    Our success is based on search engine optimization understanding and the use of online marketing techniques to capitalize on the demographics of a target market.

    IntelliTeam can increase your online market reach to help you achieve greater business success. Using our background and experience in search engine optimization, intuitive web design, research capabilities, resources and knowledge, we can handle search engine optimization campaigns for businesses of any size and structure.

    In todays' business climate a successful marketing strategy should include otimizing your online presence to expand brand awareness.

    IntelliTeam is an outstanding search engine optimization services firm in many ways:

    IntelliTeam knows search engines. Our professional staff, expertise, experience, today's technology and research that works can generate highly targeted traffic to your website.

    IntelliTeam has developed strategies that work. We were one of the first search engine optimization professional services firms, establishing a presence in 1997. We deliver measurable results, recognized the importance of this industry early and have developed the vision and quality staff to ensure long term stability and growth.

    IntelliTeam works with you to understand and analyze your business, determining which approach will yield the best results for you. We then customize a program to meet your expectations and needs.

    IntelliTeam's search engine optimization services are proven and client testimonials are available. We use methods and tactics that are ethical and research-based. Search engines don't mind an optimized page, in fact they prefer it, if it brings their customers more relevant search results.

    We have helped our clients drive qualified customers, not just traffic, to their Websites. Using our proven system of analysis, design, and implementation over an extended period of time, you will benefit from a consistent, measurable increase in search engine traffic.

    IntelliTeam does not utilize any technology that could ever be considered "spam." Such tactics are frowned upon by search engines and may cause websites to be banned from search engine indexes. Our responsibility is to ensure that your website is properly developed for indexing within the major search engines.

    Understanding and mastering the technology of search engine optimization is a major part of our work. Some search engines change their search algorithm as often as every 10 days. This can cause a website to fall from a top 30 listing. We stay on top of the changes in the way search engines index pages. This is one reason that search engine optimization is long term and on going.

    IntelliTeam has worked with multiple websites. We've targeted large and small numbers of keywords/phrases for a variety of clients. We customize our search engine optimization services to fit your unique needs.

    Our search engine optimization process is one of the most effective in the industry. It has been proven and refined in practice over the last ten years. As your business and website grow, we will be more than able to handle the necessary changes in your online marketing strategies.

    Our service is guaranteed. Top 30 listings in the major search engines are essential. If your website does not rank in the Top 30, it might as well be invisible.


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