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What is Search Engine Optimization?

The most cost-effective advertisement would have to be both inexpensive and directed to the right customer. Years ago this was something of a pipe dream--today it is a reality.

The Internet is the most comprehensive source of information in human history. But like any library of knowledge, it must be catalogued and organized to be effective. And therein lies the perfect solution: search engines.

Like the card catalog of a library, search engines are a customer's way of sifting through the Web to narrow their search. And what better way to make sure your website is found than to have an influence on what they find?

Search engine listings meet both of our criteria in terms of focus and affordability. No other form of advertising is so focused that the customer is actually searching for you. A search engine user is a highly receptive and targeted audience because you are trying to sell them on something they already want. They came looking for you and they want what you have to offer.

The majority of search engine listings are free. Return on investment couldn't be better.

According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, 88% of Internet users find new Websites through search engine listings¹. WebCMO data shows that in a side-by-side comparison of different forms of promotion, search engine listings are the number one way to generate traffic on websites².

A Top 30 Search Engine listing can send droves of visitors to your Website. Key word/phrase optimization drives the search engine.

¹ Georgia Institute of Technology, Tenth WWW User Survey
² WebCMO

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