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SEO=Search Engine Optimization

SEM=Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Value

What's the value in implementing a Search Engine Optimization strategy?

The Web is growing at an exponential rate. Today, there are currently in excess of 5 billion Web documents, increasing at a rate of about 7 million per day per Cyveillance. A recent Commerce Department study shows that more than 50% of the United States population is online. By 2005, it is projected that 75% of the United States population will be online.

Every day, individuals on the Web use major search engines to launch over 400 million queries for products, services and information. Can they find your Web site? Successful online marketers recognize the potential of this enormous online market, and have developed comprehensive Web site positioning strategies for capturing their share of this immense market.

CyberAtlas Research recently surveyed Web site owners and found that search engines provided most sites a considerable amount of traffic. Over 40% of all the sites surveyed generated 50% or more of their traffic from search engines and directories. Visitors from search engine queries represent a highly qualified, potential customer pool who visited these sites because the site owners have taken a proactive marketing approach to Search Engien Optimization and Web site positioning.

Search engines are the most popular vehicle to connect users to Web sites. Search engines and directories provide the first step in the online communications link. Search engine results are the bridge between potential consumers and your Web site. It is crucial that your Web site is listed prominently (the top 30 results) within search results for relevant key phrases.

Search Engines: Permission Marketing

The Internet is an interactive medium where we can be "in touch" with interested parties 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Potential customers use search engines and directories to locate content and discover new Web sites every day, and a typical search query will often result in over a million search matches. If you have not considered a Web site positioning strategy, you are probably losing valuable business.

Over 80% of Internet users use search engines and directories to find Web sites, according to Forrester Research.

92% of online consumers use search engines to shop and/or purchase online according to a report published by the NPD Group.

The first 10 results for any search have click-thru rates of 65% according to a study by Berrier & Associates.

A study conducted by IMT Strategies found that search engines are the #1 way (46%) people find Web sites. Random surfing and word-of-mouth ranked second (20% each).

Traffic from search engines is the most valuable kind of internet traffic because it is comprised of people actively looking for a specific product, service, information or solution.

Search engine users make four separate and distinct choices:

  • They don't usually go beyond the first 30 search listings.
  • They choose to use the Internet to research an issue or solve a problem.
  • They choose one of the 8-18 major search engines to launch their search.
  • They choose a particular keyword or phrase as the basis of their search.

These are highly qualified targeted visitors. They are very close to reaching a buying decision. This is the visitor you want to attract. These are buyers, not window shoppers.

Search Engine Optimization - Is it worthwhile?

After spending thousands, even millions, of dollars developing a Web site, businesses often discover that the site is invisible in the major search engines. Failing to take your Web site's search engine and directory visibility into consideration when making site development decisions is an untimely and expensive mistake. Businesses must either reinvest in a post-launch redesign of their site, or accept the extremely limited results that they will achieve with their site. Recognizing the importance and the need of search engine optimization in the development of your Web site is very important in your online success.

For example, after making the decision to implement a Web site positioning strategy, one IntelliTeam client now maintains a sizeable advantage over its competitors - boasting significantly more rankings in every major engine including key players such as: Google, MSN and Yahoo! Because of their decision to implement a Web site positioning strategy, the client has since closed a number of new business deals through search, including a recent $25,000 dollar sale that they acquired directly through a targeted search referral.

Creating customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Users of Internet search engines are on a mission to solve a problem. How quickly they are able to find an answer to their problem is directly related to customer satisfaction. How quickly they are able to find your Web site, if they are searching for you by name, is directly related to their opinion of your brand. A lifetime relationship with your brand is at stake every time someone conducts a query via a search engine.

Only one of two outcomes is possible each time a member of your potential audience, or an existing customer, performs a search in a major engine:

  • They will find your Web site or a competitor's Web site.

Your online success is very dependent upon the quality and success of your Web site positioning campaign. A search engine optimization strategy must be created and implemented so that your Web site can be found in the major search engines and directories when someone performs a keyword or phrase query relevant to your site's product or service offering.

There is alot at stake every hour of every day that you do not have a comprehensive Web site positioning strategy in place. You are losing critical revenue with every passing minute.


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