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SEO=Search Engine Optimization

SEM=Search Engine Marketing

Top Five Search Engine Marketing Myths

  1. - "Search engine ranking leads are not as good as those originating from more traditional forms of marketing." This is absolutely not the case. Many advertising agencies don't have a clue about search engine ranking, so they push their clients to ignore this form of advertising. They don't want to recommend anything they don't understand or use as an interactive marketing vehicle requiring a blend of very specialized technology and processes.

    We have found after analysis of search engine traffic versus other types of leads for our clients, search engine traffic can be much better. Search engine traffic is comprised of people who are actively seeking information. After analysis of data by tracking leads through a landing page on a web site we've discovered that cost per lead numbers can be much lower for search engine ranking than other traditional marketing methods.

  2. - "Effective search engine marketing can be done in house." The complexity and online competition for rankings makes this extremely difficult for most companies. Over 80% of corporate accounts don't understand the basic fundamentals or search engine optimization, keywords, meta tags, etc. Without total Website optimization, submission to search engines does little, if any good.

    Most companies delegate search engine submissions to their web development staff. These talented people are concerned with the look, feel and functionality of the Website and don't usually have the time or understanding of the complexities required to generate top 30 rankings or to stay on top of the ever-changing submissions and ranking algorithms of search engines. These alogrithms are often modified every 10 days by search engines. For some companies search engine optimization is an afterthought. Search engine optimization should be addressed by the marketing department, with dedicated personnel and a budget.

  3. - "Off-the-shelf software that shotgun submits a site to thousands of search engines is enough." Shotgun submitting is frowned on by the major search engines and is often viewed as spamming the index. Optimization is the only way to achieve top 30 rankings and consistently maintain these rankings. Most of the major search engines have unpublished submission limits. If you violate these limits, even innocently, you run the risk of being banned from the index.

  4. - "Any listing in the search engine is better than not being listed." This is another misconception. If you are aren't achieving Top 30 (page 1-3) rankings, you're generally wasting your time and resources. Most people never go beyond the Top 30 rankings.

  5. - "Trying to achieve search engine rankings for a specific URL or product." Don't go after trade-marked product names just to increase traffic. It annoys people when a Site comes up that is not relevant to their search. It also annoys the search engines and can get your Site banned.

Search Engine marketing can drive significant amounts of very qualified traffic to a web site. More than 80% of Internet users use search engines to find goods and services or research for solutions. The problem is the difficulty of sifting through conflicting information.

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