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IntelliTeam's Search Engine Ranking Guarantee.

I'm sure everyone has at one time received an email, without opting in to receive this email, that conveyed a message of this sort: "Click here to have your web site submitted to 30,000 search engines for $9.99." OR "Guaranteed top 10 search engine ranking for $$$$$$$."

These companies are confusing people as to the nature of the search engine optimization industry and giving the search engine optimization industry a bad name. The companies that are using these tactics to lure in customers are doing a disservice to the customer and to the SEO industry. However, these blanket marketing tactics work. Time after time, businesses have been burned by one of these companies who "guarantees" one thing or another and fails to deliver.

Search engine optimization is a complex industry and is ever evolving. A "Shotgun Submission" to thousands of no-name search engines will never bring any significant traffic to your website. In fact, it will most likely result in some negative effects from the major search engines.

Targeting obscure keyword phrases that no one searches on, has little or no competition and produces little or no traffic are tactics used by some SEO firms. No one wins in this situation.

At IntelliTeam, we analyze your business and your competition to find the right key phrases to bring not only traffic to your site, but customers.

There are 22 to 45 search engines and directories that account for almost 98% of the Search Engine traffic. Search engines come and go. We stay on top of this ever changing industry.

After evaluating your web site and your market, making key modifications to your site and manually submitting to the major search engines and directories, we guarantee our clients Top 30 search engine rankings.

If your site is considered to be completely undetectable by the search engines, and the site is unchangeable, we will advise you and recommend another form of marketing.

Companies will continue to exist in the Search Engine Optimization industry and in other industries that will take your money, make empty promises and never deliver.

At IntelliTeam we have established standards and service guarantees that we adhere to. A legitimate search engine optimization firm should guarantee their search engine optimization service and their efforts in writing. We do just that at IntelliTeam.

A comprehensive business website market analysis and optimization will increase visibility and prominence within the search engines and targeted traffic that will convert into sales.

We guarantee our best efforts and stand behind our service.

Showing potential clients a list of references and rankings from clients can often be more reassuring than a guarantee.


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