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Get Noticed with Top 30 Rankings in the Major Search Engines
The internet can be a sea of sameness. We can get your website noticed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People who come from search engines are self-motivated, so they are the best buyers. According to Web CEO statistics for the first 6 months of this year, visitors from search engines buy 3.5 times more often than visitors from sites, and 2.2 times more often than visitors from paid ads and bookmarks.

More than 8 out of 10 Internet users look on search engines to find information and the products or services they want to buy. Up to 85% of searchers ignore paid listings, and 65% of the top natural (organic) listings get click throughs. Natural (organic) search results convert 30% higher than PPC.

"Search" is the hottest topic in marketing. Period. There's no debating it. The search engine industry keeps reinventing itself. You should maximize search engine optimization opportunities and stay informed of the latest search solutions and developments – you can't afford to be left behind!

Search Engines can definitely send you lots of targeted traffic, but despite what many "gurus" or software vendors say, search engine optimization is not easy - and Search Engine Optimization will cost you some money or a lot of time and hard work.

Optimizing for search engines (SEO) can help you reach valuable, motivated, and ready customers. To capitalize on search as a marketing tool, marketers should shift acquisition email and ad dollars to search and use an outsourcer search engine optimization firm with a proven track record and no setup fees. Forrester Research

Consumers' use of search engines to find Web sites increases with their online tenure, but search marketers beware: so does distrust for paid listings. Forrester Research

Marketers flock to search marketing. But consumer mistrust of paid listings and the complexities of search marketing mean that marketers must refine their strategies to get the ROI they want. Forrester Research

Submitting To Search Engines Is Not Enough!

There's only one thing worse than making a bad impression...
Failing to make any impression at all.

If you're serious about your business...
search engine optimization should be a priority.

SEO works for your business in many ways.

Getting a good search engine ranking through search engine optimization (coming up near the top of search results on relevant search terms) is the key to getting more internet traffic from search engines. Being listed in the first 3 pages of search engine results (which is usually the first 30 items) will get you many times more visitors.

Perhaps the most daunting aspect of Search Engine Optimization, is that search engine optimization is a very complicated science in itself. It takes years, full-time, to master SEO. Additionally, the search engine algorithms change frequently. Every time the search engines change their unpublished internal algorithms, we review, edit and re-submit our clients web pages.

The Texarkana, Texas SEO Company, IntelliTeam can make your Search Engine Optimization easier. Let us handle the task of SEO for you. We know the importance of a Top 30 ranking in the major search engines, guarantee to get your web site in the Top 30 and keep your site there. Let us be your Search Engine Optimization team...monitoring, editing and maintaining your site's Top 30 search engine rankings.

We realized early on (1997) the importance of being seen in the top 30 rankings of the major search engines on relevant keyword/phrase searches. We are constantly studying the major search engines search techniques and algorithms to better serve our clients.

Search engine listings meet our marketing criteria in terms of focus and affordability. No other form of advertising is so focused that the customer is actually searching for you. A search engine user is a highly receptive and targeted audience because you are trying to sell them on something they already want. They came looking for you and they want what you have to offer.

When promoting your website... don't just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to spend your marketing dollars.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of specifically designing your website to rank in the Top 30 on the major Search Engines.

More than 88% of all Internet travel originates at one of the major search engines. A Top Ten ranking can significantly increase the amount of targeted traffic to your Site.

We Generate Internet Traffic.

Our core philosophy is simple:
We're accountable for search engine results. - No Excuses!

Our emphasis on strategic planning and dynamic creative web pages, coupled with innovative search engine optimization guideline strategies, delivers effective and profitable search engine optimization campaigns.

Simply submitting your Site to hundreds of no-name search engines and recommending that you just add meta tags to your pages does not work. Most experts in the industry will tell you that you're unlikely to realize any significant traffic from the "shotgun submission" method.

The KEY to generating new traffic is to create and maintain pages on your site that will be found in the top 30 matches on the MAJOR search engines, since that's where more than 88% of Internet traffic comes from.

With five million web pages added to the Internet each day, how will your business stand out and drive qualified traffic to your website? We provide you with a guaranteed top 30 rankings and frequent refresh of your content into the major search engines. Start driving qualified traffic to your Website today. Attaining and maintaining a top 30 ranking in the major search engines is hard. We make it easier, by doing the work for you.

Get Noticed with Top 30 Rankings in the Major Search Engines
The internet can be a sea of sameness. We can get your website noticed.


*An algorithm is a set of instructions for solving a specific mathematical problem in a limited number of steps.

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